Dave Fennoy’s
Character Development for Video Games & Interactive Entertainment

Intensive Virtual Workshop Dates: Saturday, September 11th & Sunday, September 12th, 10am – 5pm both days | Cost: $450 – Click here to sign up as a full participant in the workshop.


Click here for **2-DAY “FLY ON THE WALL” CHARACTER WORKSHOP | $129**

This is a 12-hour workshop to develop the skills and techniques to become a successful video game voice actor.

Dave Fennoy has been a video game voice since the mid ’90s and has voiced a variety of characters in more than 100 games. He has been nominated for several awards, including a BAFTA, and won Dice and Machinima awards for his video game work. IMDB has named him one of the 20 best male game voices of all time.

The video game industry is the biggest entertainment business in the world, bringing in more dollars than film and music combined. Last year, 3 video games earned a billions dollars in less than 48 hours – a feat never achieved by a movie! This industry is growing and demands voice actors who can bring a variety of characters to life. To become a successful voice actor in this lucrative and growing market, you need both talent and the specialized skills video game acting requires.

You will receive an mp3 copy of all of your takes recorded during this workshop, as well as your coach’s feedback/notes.

  • Learn to develop characters who are believable and compelling.
  • Learn how to do auditions that book the job.
  • Learn how to figure out “what they’re really looking for” in a character, and what’s really important in the character description.
  • Create a stable of characters you can call on and adjust for almost all situations.
  • The “less is more” principle.
  • Learn to make dialog believable when you’re the only person talking.
  • Learn what to expect on the job.
  • Learn to do the character book… the character efforts sounds every game actor needs to know how to do.
  • Understand the art and the techniques of video game voice acting.
  • Learn how to protect your voice.
Attendees will spend a lot of time on the mic with actual video game copy and audition scripts.
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