How to write a resume of a remote English teacher

A guarantee that you will be called for an interview

Surely every teacher already knows how to effectively teach English remotely. No matter how you feel about such a format, if an English teacher has worked remotely, both future students and employers will take it as a plus. After all, such experience is evidence of:

  • The teacher's excellent organizational skills;
  • The ability of the remote English teacher to adjust to any circumstances in life;
  • skills in a variety of programs that are used in the distance learning of English;
  • Excellent communication and creative skills.

If you want to try your hand at distance English teaching, put together a good resume. Think of it as your best marketing tool. This piece of paper can be the key to getting your dream job as a remote English teacher.

Even though you want to teach English remotely, your Resume Example for Tutor should include your offline experience as well. The information should be presented in a structured and intelligent way.

First, you should briefly introduce yourself, stating your full name, phone number and email address.

Then you should list all the certificates and diplomas you have, confirming your pedagogical education. Each of them should be in a separate line, next to the date of receipt.

Then give a brief summary of your teaching experience. As mentioned above, this section should include both traditional English language learning and distance learning. In addition, if you have had volunteer unpaid work experience, this should also be mentioned in your resume. List all your positions and the length of time you held them. Be sure to also list and mark the markers for what your responsibilities were and what successes you were able to achieve.

If you are considering teaching English remotely, be sure to explain why you are considering this format. If you have a good resume, employers will want to meet with you to discuss working remotely, even if their first priority was the offline format.

You can also attach letters of recommendation from past employers to your resume. This way, the potential employer can learn about what kind of professional you are from the perspective of the bosses and the team.

Talk about non-teaching skills that might be useful in a subsequent job. For example, do you know a foreign language other than English, can work in photo and video editors, play musical instruments, etc.