The VO Roadshow

I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined several of the top VO coaches on the planet, MaryLynn Wissner, Tom Pinto, Scott Parkin, Bob Bergen, Jeff Howell and Cissy Jones Lin to bring our expertise and experience to vo talent in cities across America and around the world. Introducing THE VO ROADSHOW! #voroadshow Find out more at


Voice Acting for Video Games – Nov 13!

Online Webinar

with the Award Winning Dave Fennoy

Tuesday Nov 13th, 2018

6pm-8pm pacific time
9pm-11pm eastern time

Only $75

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Workshop participants will learn:

• How to create dynamic, believable characters.
• The “less is more” secret of acting.
• The 4 questions that are key to nailing any scene in a video game.
• How to finally escape “ready reads.”
• The often overlooked but essential technique of “character efforts.”
• How to book the part by not giving them what they’re asking for.
• The secret of “Instant Acting” necessary to be a video game actor.
• How to create a video game demo that gets the attention of agents and casting directors.
• What to expect at your video game VO session.

SDCC 2018

San Diego Comic-Con
Thursday 1pm-1:45pm
Dave Fennoy will be signing with Melissa Hutchinson at the Skybound Booth #2729

SCAD GamingFest 2017

November 9th, 2017
173 14th Street Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Art of Voiceover
Panelists: Dave Fennoy and Brian Bremer, voice actors, “The Walking Dead” game; Ariel Gross, audio director, QC Games; Jeffrey Umberger, voice talent agent, The Umberger Agency
Location: SCADshow, Stage 2

Voiceover performances are key to the video game storytelling process and the right performance enhances the player experience. Meet the creative team behind the voices, and learn how the best voice actors bring a game to life.