Afterparty Release Trailer

AfterParty has finally been released! It’s getting great reviews in the video game media. It funny, smart, and very now! Here’s the trailer with yours truly as The Devil giving you the low down! Enjoy!

Free Webinar Tonight 7/11/19

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VO Roadshow Workshop in Portland – 7/20

Hey Portland! The great Scott Parkin & I are headed your way! This is an incredible opportunity to get great VO training in one day! I’ll be doing VO for games and animation and Scott will be doing commercials and Improv! This is great great one two punch of VO tips and techniques that are guaranteed to increase your booking rate. Register at

Free Webinar – 2/28/19

Join Dave Fennoy this Thursday, February 28th, for a free webinar. In this webinar Dave will go through the major avenues that voice over artists can pursue to make money. He’ll give you real life ideas and suggestions to help you start and build a VO business. A select number of attendees will also be given the chance to read and get critiqued!

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Video Game Voices Webinar – 2/26/19

Eliza Jane Schneider’s
Dave Fennoy Video Game Voices Webinar

Tuesday, February 26th 2019 @ 6PM (PST)





About Dave Fennoy
 Dave Fennoy has been one of the most versatile voices in the industry providing voices for Commercials, Narrations, TV Promos, Award Shows, Animation and Games.
Gamers enjoy his work on The Walking Dead (as Lee Everett), STARCRAFT II, Metal Gear, That’s So Raven, Ultimate Spiderman, Delta Force, Star Wars, Laura Croft Tomb Raider, and many others.
His various film voices include “Ghost Rider”, “Happy Feet”, and “King’s Ransom”, and he has proved a cartoon favorite in such series as The LeBrons, Kim Possible, Ben 10, Darkwing Duck, New Kids on the Block, Pro Stars, Johnny Quest and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Dave has been the show voice for several TV and Award shows, among them Late Night with Gregg Kinnear, The Billboard Music Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, and, for the past 15 years, The NAACP Image Awards.